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We appear in La Vanguardia

Articulo en La Vanguardia sobre las bragas de abrir y cerrar Bix
La Vanguardia publishes an article about the Bix open and close panties highlighting the benefits in autonomy and self-esteem that they represent for many women.

Our heartfelt thanks to La Vanguardia and especially to Lorena Farràs. to give visibility to projects such as ours which, although they solve an apparently simple need (putting on or changing one’s knickers without having to do it with one’s feet), bring to light the difficulties suffered by women who cannot perform such an essential gesture, which sometimes results in frustration and low self-esteem due to a lack of autonomy and intimacy.

Being able to put on and take off their panties independently, safely and quickly has a direct impact on the self-esteem of all women, especially those who, for specific or permanent reasons, have impaired mobility and need to ask for help to perform this Bix front-opening adaptative panties allow each and every one of us, whatever our circumstances, to continue to wear our underwear with the intimacy we deserve.

Bix panties are inclusive panties that can be put on and taken off comfortably and quickly without bending over, lifting the legs, balancing or undressing. They are very useful for older women with reduced mobility, women with traumatic leg or foot injuries, or women facing a post-operative period with a scar in the abdominal area.

You can read the full article here: Unbuttonable panties for more autonomy (and self-esteem)

Beatriz del Castillo

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